Palava dress Ida

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Klänningen Ida från Palava är ursprungligen inspirerad av 1950-talets klänningsstilar. Ida har en smickrande form som gör alla rätt saker på alla rätt ställen. En klassisk klänning med öppen krage, 3/4 långa ärmar, knäppning fram och hel kjol. Knapparna är av Corozo-nöt. Övriga detaljer i form av tygklädd bälte och Palavas vanliga djupa fickor. Den här klänningen gjordes av Satnam och hans team i Palavas lilla Londonfabrik.

100% ekologisk bomull
Tvätt: 30 grader Celcius

About the style: Originally Inspired by 1950s dress styles, Ida has a flattering shape that does all the right things in all the right places. She is your classic fit and flare dress with an open collar, 3/4 length sleeves, shirt front and full skirt. For final touches we’ve used Corozo nut buttons, a fabric covered belt, and our usual deep Palava pockets. This dress was made by Satnam and his team in our little London factory. 

About the Print: Study of the robin reveals some interesting facts, that the bird is a strong individualist, ever anxious to keep its territory, say part of the garden or a portion of hedgerow and meadow, free from other robins. Every robin, male or female has this territorial impulse, this anxiety to annex and keep an estate for its private use. The song heard so cheerily in autumn and even in depths of winter, is a warning-off notice, especially noticeable when another robin looms in sight.

About the Fabric: Made from 100% Organic Cotton. The cloth is woven and printed especially for palava in Turkey. Palava always like to be able to trace their materials back to their origins and are proud to have visited the growers and weavers of this beautiful fabric.

Eco credentials:

  • Natural, biodegradable fibres
  • Corozo Nut buttons (plastic free and biodegradable)
  • Oeko-Tex certified dyes 
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Made in London
  • 100% Organic Cotton woven and printed in Turkey
  • Machine Washable

100% organic cotton
Wash in 30 degrees Celsius