Dinadi - yak v-neck sweater

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The YAK V-Neck Sweater has dropped shoulders and wide, straight sleeves making it a comfy and warm companion during cool fall and winter days. The fisherman’s rib on the v-neck neck and arm cuffs add that little extra detail to make this sweater a wardrobe favourite. Machine knit in soft, Tibetan yak wool this is a sweater that can be worn for many years to come.

Machine knitted in 2.5 hours by a local partner in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dinadi conducts monthly site visits in order to ensure that Dinadi’s ethical and environmental standards are upheld.

yarn 100% yak wool (undyed)
yarn origin sourced from a social enterprise on the Tibetan Plateau
production machine knit in 2.5 hrs by a local partner in Nepal
fit sizing guide
weight 265 grams
packaging biodegradable handmade lokta paper box
labelling hand signed by knitter #knowyourknitter

Practically self-cleaning

One of the great qualities of wool is that it repels dirt and requires fewer washes which is easy and great for the environment. Air out your product instead when needed. 

Hand wash only

Add wool detergent to cold water and let your product soak for about 10 minutes without working it. Rinse with clean, cold water and press the water out of the product without twisting or pulling. Lay out flat for drying.